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All About Kyla Blase

Hello, friends and friends-to-be! I’m Kyla: a midsize, fat babe interested in musical theatre, singing, reading, creative writing, makeup, clothing, tv/movies, crafts, and, like, way more. I reserve the right to have many interests and discuss all of them here!

Like all of us forced to exist in this capitalist hellscape, I’m trying to find a way to monetize my very existence. I first started channeling my creative energies into tangible results a few months ago with TikTok and YouTube, but Small Fatty Big World was born when I realized I needed more freedom for creative expression. 

This space is intended to be for personal creative projects, often in relation to my identity as a fat woman. For as long as I can remember I’ve been bigger than I felt I was supposed to be and I’ve carried shame with that for the same amount of time. Consuming imagery of bodies that look like my own has been an instrumental part of accepting and loving myself. Making art and being goofy in varying levels of undress is a way for me to further embrace my body. 

I occupy a peculiar intersection of fatness in that while I definitely carry fat evidently on my frame, I am still able to wear straight sizes (14/16). This makes me midsize instead of plussize, a small fat, if you will. While I have faced marginalization for my size and weight throughout my life, I recognize the privilege afforded to me by my size, shape, abledness, and race. It is necessary to acknowledge that the body positivity movement was created by and for fat, Black femmes. Some incredible body positive BIPOC creators that have influenced me are Catherine Chido, Sonya Renee Taylor, Imani Barbarin, Ericka Hart, Ashleigh Tribble, Enam Asiama, Monique MeltonLeah Vernon, Kelly AugustineChidera EggerueLa'Shaunae Steward, Olivia Campbell, Simone Mariposa, and Stacey Louidor. I pledge to continue to learn from, honor, support, and pay fat, queer, and BIPOC communities. 

Your support and involvement are greatly appreciated! If you have any positive feedback, constructive criticism, or would like to collaborate on any projects, please reach out! Let’s grow & laugh together, shall we?

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