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Small Fatty Seeks Artistic Fulfillment in a New Reality

Hello, world! For those who may not know, my name is Kyla. I'm a midsize fat babe interested in musical theatre, singing, reading, creative writing, makeup, clothing, crafts, and, like, way more (I reserve the right to have many interests and discuss all of them here)!

It goes without saying, this was a bizarre and devastating year for all of us. Like many of us, I lost almost all sense of normalcy- things that provided me with fulfillment and distraction, like my job and the option to see my friends in person. Without work and access to live entertainment, the downtime allowed (forced?) me to create my own outlets for creative expression. This space is intended to be for personal creative projects exploring my interests, often in relation to my identity as a fat woman.

I have two show concepts in mind that I currently plan to highlight here,

  1. Cover Under the Covers, in which I'll be singing covers of some of my favorite songs across all genres, and

  2. Stripped Prose, a series in which I will lead free writing exercises.

In both series I will be in forms of underwear or lingerie. This is primarily an exercise for me to comfortably exist in my fat body, with or without external and self sexualization. By this I mean, if people find it sexually gratifying I don't mind even though that's not my intent.

Your involvement and presence are greatly appreciated! If you have any positive feedback or constructive criticism or would like to collaborate on any projects, please contact me! Let’s grow & laugh together, shall we?

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